Every July we attend the Sandcastle Competition. In 2005, my Mom rented a hotel room on the beach for the weekend events and we were excited. That weekend, my Mom brought some watercolors and announced, "the price of admission is a watercolor painting of the Pier". Everyone was hesitant to paint. Then we announced "we're pregnant" and we would decorate the nursery using their special paintings. The paintings didn't have to be perfect, just paint for the baby. I am happy to say our family and friends "paid" beautifully. *see their paintings below

A few weeks later after our baby was diagnosed with Potters Syndrome my husband and I walked quietly hand in hand on the beach. As the tide rose we decided to sit on the top of a pile of rocks. Then we picked up rocks, one by one, and tossed them to the rocks and water below. Before we knew it, we were throwing the rocks as hard as we could trying to crack them in half. It was great to let out all that anger together. It was our very own silent private therapy session. Still to this day, when we walk on the beach and see a pile of rocks, we smile at each other and squeeze our hands together tightly.

We had Hope's Memorial at the pier. The picture I painted that day is the background for the invitations. If you look closely on the bottom left corner, on the wall, you can see (heart) Mommy. The pictures painted by the rest of the family are below as well.

XO, Shawna
Today was a day full of... Mixed Emotions!!! Hope's Poppa
Remembering Hope Angel - Imperial Beach, CA.
Hope Angel.... LOVE was all she ever knew!!!
Remembered Our Little Hope Angel
on January 8, 2006

Hope's ashes were released into the air, over the Pacific Ocean, by an airplane.

The current of the winds gently
and peacefully guided her final journey.

We wore Pink for Hope and would loved that many of our guests did the same.